Unplugged Recycling

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Unplugged Recycling Ltd (trades as Unplugged) is a registered Charity and is also registered as a not for profit Company. Unplugged takes in unwanted electrical goods from the community and then dismantles, recycles or refurbishes these items. The recovered materials are sent for recycling by other businesses within the UK, and the refurbished items are available to purchase at very low prices by the needy members of the community. This work reduces the amount of electrical items that are either landfilled or fly-tipped. The workforce is made up entirely of learning or physically disabled as well as long term unemployed volunteers. The aim, aside from the environmental issues, is for our disadvantaged and disabled volunteers to learn new work related skills, boost or gain social skills and improve their self-confidence. Our volunteers spend, on average 6 weeks with Unplugged, learning as many of the different aspects of the work environment as they are either able to, or wish to. They then go to gain paid work in the wider community with the aid of the new skills learnt at Unplugged, or go back into the education system to learn more. Whilst 6 weeks is the average time spent at Unplugged, the time any one volunteer spends at Unplugged depends on the abilities of the volunteer, and is variable to suit their needs. We believed we are the only group or company that do this work in this way.